There is no doubt we are at an unprecedented time with much concern in our daily lives. Our opinions are strong and varied but there is no doubt when health and the safety of those at risk are questioned we all need to take this seriously.

Like any responsible organization, we have taken measures for extra cleaning and given very strict instructions to our staff on what to do if they become sick.  They clearly know they need to contact their physician and they cannot come to work, they need to stay home.  We ask the same from you, whether it is a visit to us or any other organization.

Our activities are changing daily but one thing we can still do, especially with spring right around the corner, is to get outside and enjoy nature.  Camping, trail riding, kayaking, and cycling will continue to provide a great release.

From all of us at Bonner Sports & RV be smart, be patient, be respectful of others, and most importantly be safe.
This too will pass……

Bob Reeder,
President, Bonner Sports & RV

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