Play Safe, Play Hard With The Mudhead SE.

Play Safe, Play Hard With The Mudhead SE.

The newly redesigned Hammerhead Mudhead SE is HERE.

The 2023 Hammerhead Mudhead SE  is based on the Mudhead 208R but with an updated sleeker design.  It comes packed with features including, automatic transmission (with forward, neutral, and reverse), electric start, LED front lights, throttle governor, canopy top, and much more.  Hammerhead Go-Karts also have some safety features not found on youth ATVs such as a roll cage, seatbelts, and more stability.  Play Safe, Play Hard!

Hammerhead Off-Road is owned by Polaris Industries, a trusted brand.  Bonner Sports & RV is proud to be the area’s only authorized dealer for Hammerhead. We offer general repairs and warranty service.

Great selection of models and colors currently in-stock!  Browse our inventory or give us a call!

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