Kayaks, Canoes, and Accessories

Bonner Sports & RV offers a great selection of recreational paddling from trusted brands like Old Town and Ocean Kayak. Select from sit-in or sit-on models including youth, tandem and fishing.
Before choosing a kayak for purchase, please check out our tips on which kayak is right for you.


To make your paddling experience even more enjoyable, we carry a variety of accessories including:
MTI life jackets, Old Town paddles, Malone car racks, and more.
* Subject to certain limitations, ask for details.

Which Kayak is Right for you?

Before choosing a kayak, there is much to consider. Take note of where and how you plan to do most of your paddling. How far will you go? Will it be just a few miles or the entire day? Will you want to paddle alone or with another person? Do you need a kayak for children? No one kayak works exceptionally well for every use, the key is to select the one that BEST meets your needs.

Sit-on vs. Sit-in

One of the major differences in kayaks is the Sit-on vs. the Sit-in type.


Many people refer to the sit-in style when they think of a kayak.

These kayaks allow the paddler the sink into the boat and glide lower to the water.

This type is useful for keeping water out of the boat, keeping the paddler drier and works for paddling in all 4 seasons.

Sit-ins also have dry storage areas for stowing equipment.


The Sit-on kayaks allow the paddler to sit on top the kayak and are popular for those who like to fish and are easy to get in and out of. Designed short and wide, the sit-on types are very stable, allow much freedom of movement and can even support a standing rider.

One of the great advantages of a sit on kayak is the ease of getting in the boat – simply sit on the boat from the side and swing your legs over. If you plan on fishing from your kayak, a sit on style will be more forgiving of any sudden shifts in weight. If you are tall or have limited flexibility you will find the sit on much easier to get in and you will feel less confined.

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